North crossing arch, respond capitals

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: North transept arch" at Campsall.

by George Gregory.

Slightly pointed arch of two orders to nave and transept. The plinths are elaborate, having a plain, rounded and chamfered profile, like the upper course of the exterior plinth on the north wall of the chancel. Then follows a plain square slab and the familiar convex and concave torus. The first order, common to both sides, has a half-round column. The ring, capital and impost are continuous onto the second order to north and south. The ring is plain, the capital has a hollow chamfer; the impost has an angle roll, hollow and upright. In the arch, to the nave and transept the arch is plain in the soffit, then has a wide chamfer to north and south. At east and west sides of the arch, the first three voussoirs are wider than normal and of the section section described, but above that the soffits are carved with a single row of chevron frontal to the soffit and sunk within the general surface of the soffit.

The second order to the nave has bases of an more upright form (compare chancel arch) and on the west side the base appears cylindrical, and it has horizontal grooves like turned wood. Traces of a lug on the angle. Engaged column; capital etc, as for first order. In the arch at the west side low down there is a row of frontal chevron to the inside, a roll centrally and a row of centripetal chevron finishing flush with the wall. After six repeats, the voussoirs have the central roll flanked on both sides by a row of frontal chevron, with a fillet against the wall.

The second order to the transept as to nave, except that in the arch it is plain and square.


Approximate width of opening 5m
Height of ring at top of east pier 2.83m