Chancel, S wall, corbel 3.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Reset corbels" at Campsall.

by George Gregory.

Four corbels have been reset in the south wall, in the first bay of the chancel. This is a disappointingly dark situation. They are in good condition, apart from a few broken corners, noses etc., the surface is well-preserved.

From the left, the first corbel has two figures looking up. The men have their arms round each other and their feet are not in regular or conventional postures.

The second corbel shows the head and two arms of a man with a vielle or rebec. The instrument is held with the left hand turned as now with a violin - the technical term is ‘ventriflexed’. His right hand holds a bow and he seems to be playing. He is also looking up, his mouth is open and perhaps he is singing.

The third corbel shows two moustachioed men’s heads side by side and they are looking about them, a common motif for corbels. Underneath their heads is another head, looking down and not so obviously human: it is probably a muzzled mask.

The fourth corbel shows the head and two arms of a harpist. He rests his head on the right hand, and is looking up. The left hand is round the harp, he is probably stilling the strings. He is listening. See Comments below.