Loose capital, from front

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Capital fixed at west end of nave" at Campsall.

by John McElheran.

A single scallop capital exhibited at the 1984 exhibition, see Arts Council 1984, 153. This is clamped to the wall on the south side of the east arch of the tower. It has three worked faces, one is blank, the opposite one has a fan of leaves or half a star and the central face has a lion in foliage. The lion has very slender legs and the front ones each have a coil of foliage round them, the back legs are not so clear, but here it seems it is the lion’s tail that coils round the foliage. Zarnecki gives the capital a date of c.1090; dimensions as given in the catalogue. 


Depth of block 0.305m
Height 0.18m
Maximum width 0.2m