Tower, west face, columns between bell-openings

Image of the feature "Arcading: Blank arcading on tower" at Campsall.

by Gerry Fountain.

On west face of tower at two levels.

Above the west doorway: Beside the window are two bays of blank arcading on both sides. They have square plain plinths, upright bases, free-standing shafts, single scallop capitals and imposts which are chamfered and plain with a groove near the bottom, all like the central window. In the arch, the four bays have an angle roll and on the face a rounded moulding of similar diameter central, each with a ridge outside it.

At the belfrey level between the belfrey openings is one bay of a blank arcade. The shafts and capitals are as for the outermost, that is, the third, order of the belfrey windows but, because the opening is narrow, the arch is made of a one-piece windowhead. This has a roll moulding on the angle.