Tower, from the north

Image of the feature "Windows: Windows of tower" at Campsall.

by Gerry Fountain.

The windows are involved with blank arcading at all levels.

On the west face of the tower there are windows at three levels: at the first level, a west window; at second level the north and south faces of the tower have openings; there are belfrey windows on all four faces.

Window above the west doorway: This is in arcading. The first order is blank; there is a chevron moulding on soffit and face in the second order; label plain and chamfered.

Windows lighting second stage of tower: These windows are shafted. First order plain, second order plain plinth and torus in one block; free-standing shaft; double scallop capital with angle darts. Impost plain on face, with chamfered and plain profile in reveal. In the arch, a roll on the angle and plain, flush with the wall.

Belfrey windows: A pair on each face with arcading between. The openings are louvred. Each pair has a central column with double scallop capital and an elongated impost extending for much of the depth of the wall. First order: inside each single opening, a single scallop capital to the outside and the central impost support a plain arch. Second order: on the face, the central impost supports an angle roll which is continuous round the head of each opening down to the base on the outside of the pair of openings (not visible from the ground). Above a pair of openings is a plain tympanum. Third order: this arrangement of the paired openings is enclosed within free-standing shafts, double scallop capitals and an arch with an angle roll. On the face of the arch is a ridge making a double line. The arch is flush with the wall. The pairs of belfrey windows stand on a chamfered and plain string-course which has a groove near the bottom of the upright.