Chancel, exterior, south wall, stepped buttress with two colonnettes

Image of the feature "Exterior Decoration: Ornamental columns on chancel" at Campsall.

by Rita Wood.

To the east or left of the south section of chancel wall, a slim column marks the angle where the presbytery ended. There is a plain square plinth, then a narrow, collared base and then a slim engaged column, lost after six courses where a later window has been inserted.

In the angle between the north wall of the chancel and the north transept is a heavier column. It is coursed in with the chancel. At the top is a double scallop capital which has a dart between the cones, and shields which are hollowed out in an ‘inverted mushroom’ shape. Compare capital on west face of arch between south transept and nave. The upper straight edge and the lower curve of the hollow have beading

On the south wall of the chancel are two stepped pilasters which have a slim engaged column on each angle. There is no base or capital.