Nave, re-set fragment 2.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Reset voussoirs etc." at Halifax.

by John McElheran.

Only four fragments were found by the fieldworker, although many more are mentioned in the literature. All four had a similar chevron pattern, but only two were close at hand and easy to see in the lighting conditions. They were not boldly moulded nor regularly drawn, and even allowing for the wear they have endured, they are not thought to be work of the later 12thc. 

Fragment 1, nave S clerestory wall, bay 3. Located against the moulding of the arch. One stone with two shallowly-carved 'zig-zags' formed of a roll, three narrower steps and another roll. This stone may have a slight curvature at the top, indicating a section of label.

Fragment 2, nave S clerestory wall, bay 5. Located midway between the centre of the bay and pier 4, and halfway between the ground and the roof. A single unit of chevron, profile as before. 

Fragment 3, Holdsworth chapel, E wall. Located below the window and is visible across the altar table. One unit of chevron, set sideways and similar to the previous two. Yellowish gritstone. 

Fragment 4, N aisle, N wall. Located at the base of the westernmost window, just outside the lower L corner of the mouldings.  Two zigs on one stone. Fine-grained, light grey, micaceous gritstone.


Fragment 3, h. 0.195m
Fragment 3, max. w. 0.205m
Fragment 4, h. 0.195m
Fragment 4, w. 0.27m