Grave slab, Ryder Halifax 1.

Image of the feature "Furnishings: Grave-slabs" at Halifax.

by John McElheran.

Some are 'loose', but, according to Ryder, (1991) more fragments, less easily seen, were built into the fabric.

Ryder identifies six grave-slabs that appear to be of 12thc. date (1991, 25-26), and many other remnants that could be of the same period.

Ryder's slabs 1-4 are fixed by metal brackets to the wall of the S porch.



Slab 1. h. 1.68m
Slab 1. max. w. 0.62m
Slab 1. thickness 0.06m
Slab 2. h. 1.61m
Slab 2. max. w. 0.41m
Slab 2. thickness 0.11m
Slab 3. h. 1.055m
Slab 3. max. w. 0.46m
Slab 3. thickness 0.11m
Slab 4. h. 1.21m
Slab 4. max. w. 0.5m
Slab 4. thickness 0.12m