Font, detail.

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Harewood.

by John McElheran.

The old font sits towards the E end of the S nave aisle (the modern font by Scott is near the W doorway). The old font is probably 13thc, as Leach and Pevsner suggest (2009, 297), but since the bowl is supported by two heavy roll mouldings and a third roll with cable, it looks back to 12thc forms. There is some white pigment, topped with a deep crimson, mostly just above the upper roll moulding. Some tooling was also noticed on the underside of the bowl. Inside, the original bowl seems to have been machine cut, reducing a medieval bowl to a shallow tray. The splayed foot of the font is in an even-grained light yellow sandstone and may not belong with the medieval part above; Peter Ryder in his field notes on the church (1988, 12) says that the base is modern.


Depth of basin 0.15 m
Diameter of bowl at top 0.75 m
Diameter of interior basin 0.526 m
Estimated max. diameter of larger roll moulding 0.57 m