Slab, Ryder no. 3.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Fragments of grave slabs" at Harewood.

by Rita Wood.

Ryder (1991, 26-28) says that Harewod has the largest collection of cross slabs in the county, although many are fragments of relatively little interest. He illustrates three (Ryder nos. 1, 3, and 6) which may be of 12thc date. Slab 1: Magnesian limestone with a simple incised design of a cross within a ring, and a stem. He does not suggest a date for his slab 2, a piece with shears, but Butler (1986, 108) suggests mid-12thc (his no. 2).

Two of these were placed loose in the chancel having come from the filling of one of the tombs; they have been stolen (Ryder nos. 1 and 2).

Ryder slab no. 3 is built into the internal face of the S wall of the chancel, one metre above the arch of the Ryther tomb. This slab is probably the same as that noted by Butler (1986, 102) as 'item 3... interior S wall of chancel, above S tomb, cross head with round leaf foliage, no leaf buds, narrow shaft, incised design'. Ryder describes slab no. 3 as having a damaged 'bracelet' cross design; late 12thc or early 13thc.