Fully-carved fragment.

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Pieces thought to be from a lintel." at Kellington.

by John McElheran.

Two pieces thought to be from a lintel. Found in excavation as threshhold of S doorway.

No obvious fit between the two pieces. Diagonal tooling evident. The pattern is a wavy, scrolling stem with trefoils of leaves in the spaces, sometimes with spiral ends, sometime with rounder, fruit-like blobs. On one stone the pattern ends and an eight-armed chip-carved star terminates the carving. For part of the run of the scrolling stem, there is a wide chamfer alongside.


h. of side with carving 0.17-0.18m
l. of fully-carved face 0.87m
l. of partially-carved face 0.71m
tooled length beyond the pattern 0.33m
w. of stone 0.26m