Reset pieces (i) L capital and springing ROTATE IMAGE CLOCKWISE

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Pieces reset (i) as a window at the W end of the S aisle." at Tadcaster.

by Rita Wood.

Two capitals and fragments of 20 voussoirs are reset to form an arch framing the W window of the S aisle.  Bases may or may not match the upper parts. Columns modern.

i) Arch and capitals framing W window of S aisle.

Bases have simple upright form with a type of collar wrapped round them.

Left capital: a block capital, with integral necking and no impost, carved on each face with five vertical “leaves”, which are beaded along the central vein.  The upright face above has chip-carved zigzag and, above this, a line of fine beading between two thin convex mouldings.  The block from which the capital is carved continues into the wall to the L.

R capital: a rounded block capital, with no impost, with volutes on the angle, and decorated with irregular, angular interlace with pellets or small bosses between.  The integral necking has broken away.  The block from which the capital is carved continues a short way into the wall to the R.

Two types of chevron voussoir are found in the arch.  From L: type A, voussoirs nos. 1 to 7 and 12 to 20; type B, voussoirs nos. 8 to 11.

Type A: on the angle, lozenges, formed by one row of lateral centrifugal chevron on face and soffit.  Faceted bosses lie within the lozenges.  On the soffit a centripetally carved row of lateral chevron faces the centrifugal chevron point-to-point, forming lozenges between.  The lozenges are decorated with round bosses, two half-bosses to each voussoir (some lost).  On the face, an unmoulded row of centripetal chevron faces the lateral centrifugal chevron point-to-point, forming lozenges.

Type B: of curved section, with a row of lozenges formed by point -to-point chevron.  Faceted bosses lie within the lozenges and a double groove flanks them.  Below this a second double groove mirrors that flanking the lozenges, although the points of each do not touch.


h. incl. Impost 0.20 m
h. incl. necking 0.20 m
L capital max. w. E face 0.36 m
R capital max. w. E face 0.29 m
w. of N face 0.24 m
w. of S face 0.24 m