Re-set item (v).

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Pieces reset randomly in the W wall of the S nave aisle" at Tadcaster.

by John McElheran.

Fragments set as a window frame are described above as item (i). The following pieces continue in the wall to the right:

(ii) A fragment of string course with a pattern of two rows of semicircles placed back-to-back, perhaps seen to form crosses.  Faceted in the area between the crosses.  For this and the remaining fragments, which are irregular in shape, a single dimension has generally been provided as an indication of scale.

(iii) Irregular fragment with foliate ornament; a symmetrical sheathed leaf-form and a voluted half-palmette with cross-hatching.

(iv) Chip-carved decoration as (ii), cut into an unchamfered block; this is set within small convex mouldings and is itself slightly convex. With (ix), these are probably fragments of a string-course.

(v) A voussoir carved with a beakhead gripping a thick roll. The beakhead has two scalloped bands of hair below a fine zig-zag moulding at the top of the block.  It has wide ringed eyes drilled at centre, and much fine drilling randomly decorating the beak.  The beak is broken at the tip. It is smaller in scale than would normally be expected.

(vi) Fragment of a capital or respond, with a chamfered impost. Carved with a heavy spiral, probably a volute, above three round bosses. No local comparisons known.

(vii) Possibly a fragment of a beakhead voussoir, with a straight fringe and arching brows below a plain diagonally-tooled band, or it might be a lion.

(viii) Voussoir with one row of chevron, flanked by plain, square, stepped mouldings two above, three below.

(ix) as (ii) and (iv).  This fragment is chamfered above and below the decorative band; possible string-course.

(x) Roughly square fragment, decorated with two clasped double trumpets which form a narrow lozenge between them.  The borders of the lozenge are decorated with fine zig-zag and a round boss sits within. Probably a voussoir from an elaborate arch.

(xi) Chevron voussoir similar to (i), type B.

(xii) a small cushion capital with angle-tuck, and with severely damaged necking and a grooved impost, both integral.  The capital remains attached to the large block from which it was cut. 


fragment (iii) length 0.23m
Fragment (ii) length 0.17m
fragment (iv) length 0.143m
fragment (ix) h. 0.135 m
fragment (viii) d. 0.155 m
fragment (viii) w. 0.235 m
fragment (vii) width 0.15m
fragment (vi) length 0.18m
fragment (v) width 0.115m
fragment (x) h. 0.23m
fragment (xi) h. 0.22m
fragment (xii) h. 0.2m