Font bowl S face

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Abbess Roding.

by Ron Baxter.

The font stands at the W end of the nave.  The clunch bowl is rectangular with a round basin lined with lead.  It is in a poor state of repair and has been stabilised by cementing it to a thin stone slab and surrounding it with an iron clamp.  There are vertical cracks on the W and N faces that have been repaired with iron staples, and damage to the rim in the centre of the S face has been partly repaired with tiles.  Other mortar repairs are visible in the photographs.

Each face of the bowl has a relief design surrounded by a plain frame (described below. The bowl stands on four slender cylindrical shafts at the angles and a central thick cylinder.  These are all modern, but stand on a 12thc square stone plinth with an upper angle roll.  The chamfered step is modern.


Height of bowl 0.39m
Height of font (without step) 0.94m
Internal diameter of bowl 0.57m
Width of bowl (EW) 0.74m
Width of bowl (NS) 0.73m