Font general view

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Badgworth.

by Robin Downes.

Centrally placed at the W end of the nave, quite well forward of the tower arch. The bowl is a simple cylinder, only refined on its underside, and rests on four clustered shafts which terminate in nicely moulded bases. There is no plinth, the font resting directly on the stone floor.

The bases imitate two cones, the lower and larger being inserted into the upper and smaller. There is no necking between base and stem, the latter consisting of two very unequal blocks. The interesting underside of the bowl is recessed and divided from the curved bottom of the bowl by a delicate roll. The top of the bowl shows repairs at NNW and SSE some of which may be evidence of ripped-out lock-fittings. Metal stubs and holes may also be seen. The lead covers almost the whole of the rim except where it appears to have been torn away.


Circumference of bowl 2.3m
Circumference of stem 1.06m
Depth of bowl 0.32 m
Ext. diameter of bowl 0.72m
height of base 0.21m
height of bowl 0.38m
height of stem 0.43m
Int. diameter of bowl 0.55 m
Overall height of font 1.06m