SW crossing pier base

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 1. Arches: b. Tower/Transept arches: Former W crossing piers" at Hatfield Broad Oak.

by Ron Baxter.

The jambs of both the W crossing piers survive, although the lack of any crossing arch voussoirs renders their interpretation somewhat speculative. Each pier has half shafts corresponding to the 1st order of the W arch on both sides, and the W responds of the 1st order of the N and S arches. Between them on both piers, the jambs are splayed and articulated with a pair of engaged half columns side by side flanked by pairs of angle rolls. Where bases survive (better on the NW pier) they are spurred attic bases. The questionable feature is the 1st ordercapital of the W crossing arch. This is the only surviving capital and it is a tall, keeled concave moulded capital on a keeled respond. It has a plain chamfered necking, a flat abacus and a quirked, hollow chamfered impost block.