Font bowl from above

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Littlebury.

by Michael Pearson.

The font is positioned within the south aisle adjacent the tower side wall, beside the south door. It is enclosed within a later linen-fold oak panelled casing, and is only visible from the uncased rear (W) face. It consists of a plain square bowl with a slight chamfer to the edges. The basin is circular and lead lined. The bowl is carried on a heavy central polygonal shaft with slender shafts at the angles, chamfered to an octagonal section. Integral capitals are simply moulded, and the octagonal bases are chamfered. The shafts stand on a sqaure base block enclosed within the later wooden case, and this on a square chamfered plinth and a step extended to the E that carries a brass plate recording the restoration of the font in 1853.


Height of base block 0.121 m
Height of font above base 0.972 m
Depth of basin 0.216m
Diameter of basin 0.540 m
External width of bowl E-W 0.724 m
External width of bowl N-S 0.724 m
Height of bowl 0.394 m