St Molaga, Aghacross

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Ruined church of rough, uncoursed stone, consisting of a rectangular nave, of which the W end retains Romanesque work.  The E end is 15thc. as is the window in the E wall and that at the E end of the S wall.  There are traces of a splayed window in the S wall. The central section of both nave walls has fallen.


Not known; not recorded by Gwynn and Hadcock.


Exterior Features


W doorway, nave

W doorway, nave: flat-headed, with a rough stone lintel, evidentally a later repair.  
L jamb: damaged and badly rebuilt.  The lower courses are missing. The second stone from the top is a re-used moulded jambstone, placed horizontally with an angle roll along the lower edge.  The top stone is plain, roughly squared.
R jamb: inclined.  Rebuilt using worn Romanesque jambstones, with angle rolls on both angles.  The third stone from the bottom appears to be the original base, but is badly worn.
Another stone with an angle roll is re-used inside the R jamb of the doorway, with the angle roll set on the inside face so that only one face of the roll is visible.

h. of opening 1.50 m
w. of opening 0.74 m


The doorway appears to have been inaccurately rebuilt using the remains of a Romanesque doorway. There is no decorative sculpture, only jambstones with angle rolls.

In 1994 excavations and restoration work were carried out at the site and new finds of Romanesque stones from the doorway have been published (see Hanley et al, below).

On a second visit to the site in June 2003, the N wall had collapsed and had been covered in plastic sheeting. The Romanesque stones uncovered in the 1994 excavation were not on site.


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  • M. Killanin and M.V. Duignan, revised by Peter Harbison, The Shell Guide to Ireland, Dublin, 1989, 212.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
R 74 12 
now: Cork
pre-1994 traditional (Republic of Ireland): Cork
medieval: Cloyne
now: Cloyne
now: St Molaga
Type of building/monument
Church (ruin)  
Report authors
Tessa Garton 
Visit Date
18 Aug 1994