St Michael, Taddington, Derbyshire

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Taddington is situated high on a limestone plateau of Derbyshire's Peak District, along the former route of the A6, which now bypasses the village to the north. The church tower and spire date to the 14thc and the body of the church is 14th to early 15thc with late 15thc re-windowing. The whole church was restored in 1891.

The only Norman feature is a cross shaft and socket stone in the churchyard, described in Historic England's List Entry (1009051) as of 'probable 11thc' date.


In 1086 Taddington was a berewick of Ashford in the Water, which was held by the king.


Exterior Features


Cross Shaft

The shaft and socket stone stand in the churchyard to the S of the church building. The cross head does not survive. Both socket stone and shaft are of sandstone; the former is undecorated but the shaft has carving on all four sides. The shaft is roughly square, with chamfered angles, and tapers towards the top. Its S side is decorated with chevrons. On the W side is a foliage pattern at the top. The N side has saltire crosses, the E side a saltire cross and a chevron pattern.

Height of shaft 1.82m


The deep grooves on the NW and SW corners of the shaft have been explained as the result of the sharpening of sickles on the stone (Historic England List Entry 1009051).


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Site Location
National Grid Reference
SK 141 711 
now: Derbyshire
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Derbyshire
now: Derby
medieval: Lichfield
medieval: St Michael (Pre-Reformation)
now: St Michael
Type of building/monument
Parish church  
Report authors
Celia Holden, Jennifer Alexander, Louisa Catt, Olivia Threlkeld 
Visit Date
1st September 2014