Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Coln Rogers.

by John Wand.

The font is located immediately W of the S doorway. An undecorated tub-shaped bowl was cut from a single block of reddish stone tapered from the wider rim to the narrower bottom, and placed above a scalloped octagonal base. Retooling is visible on the surface, repairs apparent to N and S of the rim.  The interior of the bowl has a smooth surface, with lead lining in the bottom and a drain hole. The base has one large scallop per side of the octagon, and heavy coarse diagonal tooling.  A repair on the top edge of the N scallop is directly beneath the font bowl repair.


Circumference at base 1.99 m
Circumference at rim 3.423 m
Diameter of inner opening 0.621 m
Height 1.41 m
Height of base 0.261 m
Height of bowl 0.88 m
Width of side 1 0.0322 m
Width of side 2 0.035 m
Width of side 3 0.0321 m
Width of side 4 0.0240 m
Width of side 5 0.033 m
Width of side 6 0.0298 m