Loose stone 2 (Christ in a mandorla)

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Fragment" at Acton .

by Ron Baxter.

Oolitic limestone block carved on front face only with Christ in Majesty. Christ is seated (part of bench visible on L), facing forward and raising his right arm in blessing, the 1st two fingers and thumb raised. His legs are angled to the R, and he is shown in a garment with a hem running diagonally across his chest. His is in a mandorla, and outside this, to the L, is an angel robed and standing with wings pointing upwards. To the R a standing frontal figure here interpreted as St Peter. He holds a book in his left hand and a large key pointing diagonally upwards to the L of his head.

Little can be said of the figure style, which is crude in the extreme. Christ's is the only head which preserves its features. His head is round, and any hair or beard he once had is no longer apparent. His mouth is a thin groove, turned down at the ends, his nose a simple triangle, and his eyes round pellets set in dished sockets, with ridges above to indicate eyebrows. The only other surface decoration surviving is on the angel's wings, which have vertical reeding for feathers. The block is damaged at the bottom, and the feet of all three figures are lost, along with the bottom of the mandorla. It seems to have had a projecting lower edge, which has been crudely cut back.


h of block 0.32 m
max depth 0.33 m
w of block 0.47 m