Loose stone 3 (standing bishop)

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Fragment" at Acton .

by Ron Baxter.

Oolitic limestone block carved on front face only with a standing bishop in low relief on a flat ground. He faces forward, holding a crosier in his right hand while holding a book against his chest with his left. He wears a chasuble over his alb and a maniple on his left wrist. The folds of the alb hang vertically and there is some undercutting of the hem. Apart from this, all surface detail is badly worn. None of his facial features survive, although the pointed shape of the mitre can be discerned. Like (2) the block had a projecting lower edge, which has been crudely cut back.


h of block 0.33 m
max depth 0.33 m
w of block 0.38 m