Loose stone 4 (standing figure with staffs)

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: Fragment" at Acton .

by Ron Baxter.

Oolitic limestone block carved on front face only with a standing figure in low relief on a flat ground. The figure has lost his head. He wears a short pleated cape over ankle-length trousers, and holds two objects vertically, one in either hand. These are enigmatic. That in his left hand appears to be a bundle of arrows, heads upwards, and if so the object in his right hand, a broad, flat staff decorated with a zigzag groove running down it, might be expected to be a Norman shortbow (or a Welsh flatbow), shown with its string unnocked. Like (2) the block had a projecting lower edge, which has been crudely cut back.


h of block 0.34 m
max depth 0.34 m
w of block 0.41 m