Loose stone 7 (impost with bird and angel). Side face: angel

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Impost block" at Acton .

by Ron Baxter.

Chamfered impost block of red sandstone, carved on two faces with foliage on the chamfers and figures on the upright faces. The stone is generally well preserved, but the is a major loss at the R end of the R face. The L face shows a standing bird, depicted sideways, with its head to the L. The head, shown in L profile, has a long hooked beak like an eagle's, a bulging eye and small ear. The neck is long and the plumage on the chest is shown as wavy transverse grooves. The long legs are similarly plumed, and the feet have three claws. The wings are displayed and curve outwards at their tips, with feathers shown as longitudinal reeding. A broad flat stem of foliage describes a loop above the head before curving down to the chamfer, where it continues in a row of loose loops. The R face apparently shows a standing angel, although the head is badly worn and not unambiguously human. It is similarly depicted sideways with its head to the L, and the drapery and wings are treated in much the same way as the bird's. This face has a large loss at the R, involving any feet which might have been shown. The fat foliage stem encircles the head before descending to the chamfer, where it joins a chain of large links.


d of block 0.32 m, of which 0.22 m forms the carved surface of the R face.
h of block 0.20 m
w of L face 0.34 m