Loose stone 8 (impost with 3 heads)

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: Impost block" at Acton .

by Ron Baxter.

Chamfered impost block of red sandstone, carved on one face only with a row of three human heads framed by plain foliage stems linked by clasps, the foliage continuing in a horizontal stem with spiral-ended branches below the heads, and terminating in a tangle of spiral terminals at the R. The heads are similar; elongated with pointed chins and beards. Mouths are shown with lips in relief, noses bulbous but not projecting from the surface plane, eyes round pellets surrounded by ridges for eyelids and eyebrows. All have ears, none has hair.


h of block 0.20 m
max depth 0.27 m
w of block 0.505 m