Font, W face.

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Callington.

by Richard Jewell.

The font is located in front of the S entrance, on W side of W column of S arcade. It is a good example of the Altarnun type, and has a bowl square on the outside and semi-spherical and unleaded inside. It has a square top and the four sides are semi-circular in shape.  The four upper angles are decorated with stylised human heads. The W and N semicircular sides of the font are decorated with rosettes within circles, surrounded by double-headed dragons.  The S and E semicircles have a tree or plant decoration, comprising splayed leaves either side of a central stem. 

There is a flat, narrow cable moulding around the bottom of the bowl, which rests on a stumpy hexagonal shaft set on a high, flat-sided, circular base with a chamfered top edge.  The whole is set on a hexagonal stone base with a kneeler stone, formed from several pieces of a different, lighter stone.

Some of the human heads on the angles are worn or damaged, although those on the NE and NW angles are in better condition and, despite their simplicity, are quite full of character.  There are several repairs: large ones affect the top of the E side, including the two trees; and the bottom of the S side. There is a small repair to the top of the W side, and patches on the font base.


Depth of basin 0.24 m
Diameter of basin 0.47 m
Height of bowl 0.40 m
Height of font 0.47 m
Height of stem 0.51 m
Length of bowl 0.75 m
Width of bowl 0.75 m