Knaresborough Castle, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, West Riding

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Knaresborough is 4 miles E of Harrogate.  The castle is now a ruined keep in a large public garden overlooking the gorge of the river Nidd. No twelfth-century remains are visible, though foundation levels and some remains of this period have been found in excavations.  There is unfortunately no sculpture which has come to light and so this entry is for information only; see the entry for Knaresborough church.


To quote from The King’s Works p.688 and Pipe Roll 31 Henry I, p.31: 'the outlay in 1129-30 of £11 in operationibus Regis de Chernardesburgh is the earlest proof of its (the castle’s) existence.’

Waterman (1953) describes remains from what ‘appeared to have been a 12th c. horizon on the then castle site'.




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  • D. Waterman, 'A group of twelfth-century pottery and other finds from Knaresborough Castle'. Antiquities Journal 33 (1953), pp. 211-213.                                             

Road between castle rock and river.
Later castle wall at top of bank.
The parish church seen from the castle grounds.
The standing remains of the later castle from the grounds.
Castle bank, lower part looking towards the river gorge.
The castle from the railway viaduct.
The market place.


Site Location
Knaresborough Castle, Knaresborough
National Grid Reference
SE 348 568 
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Yorkshire, West Riding
now: North Yorkshire
Type of building/monument
Report authors
Rita Wood 
Visit Date
23 March 1999, 08 Mar 2010