Vestry internal doorway, order 2, voussoir 6

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Doorway from chancel into vestry." at Marton-cum-Grafton.

by Rita Wood.

Doorway of three orders and label. Curvature of arches was calculated from individual voussoirs found (Lunn 1879-80, 230) and these were judged as compatible with a single archway. Outside the label, an arch of coloured voussoirs, flush with the main walling, artfully enlarges the apparent size of the doorway. Some of the new carving Lunn says was worked in old stone, such as the sandstone from the western quoins of the 12th-c nave. The sandstones employed for new work have a wide colour range: cold grey, bluish purple and pink. The old carved stones identified by the fieldworker are all in a golden sandstone: Lunn compared the stone of the Norman pieces he found to that of Lingerfield quarry near Knaresborough (1879-80, 230). Lunn had trouble persuading the workmen to respect old work (1978-80, 240), and, for all his archaeological zeal, he was not beyond 'improving' things as the Victorians often did. Of this doorway, therefore, only a small amount is original.

The doorway represents what Lunn suggests was the Norman chancel arch (see Comments). For the new sculpture, eclectic styles were chosen. No original bases were found, so they were copied – 'but not servilely' – from some at Burford (Oxon) with the addition of foliate lugs (Lunn 1879-80, 234). Genuine old shafts were plain and he says were left so (order 2).  Lunn mentions copying capitals from Canterbury, and capitals and decorated shafts from Windrush (Glos); these are in orders 1 and 3. They are far from being straight copies, but are selective, and with additions. The impost is new stone throughout, but Lunn borrowed for it the star ornament preserved on two stones in the vestry.

The old work is discussed in the 'Details' below. (Note: images 1-13 are general views; images 14-40 show details of the stones thought to be original).


Height of opening 2.09 m
L capital, height incl. ring 0.18 m
R capital, height excl. ring 0.17 m
Span across label from side to side 2.42 m
Width of opening 0.86 m