St Mary, Talyllyn, Anglesey

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The church was formerly a chapel of ease to Llanbeulan church, which stands 1½ miles to the N. St Mary's has a small medieval nave, but with later door and windows; chancel rebuilt in the 16thc and a S chapel added in the 17thc.  The 12thc font was the only Romanesque carving when the church was visited, but it was moved to Llanfaelog church in the following year when Talyllyn was made redundant. Since it was recorded and photographed before that date it appears in the Talyllyn entry here.





To S of W entrance, a small rectangular bowl of pink-streaked gritstone decorated on two sides.  On S nested chevrons, on N a cross in relief, with flaring arms and half another, of which the E arm is not flared.  There is a groove along the W rim.  The basin is 0.15m deep, there is no drainage hole.

E face height 0.24m
E face width at bottom 0.36m
E face width at top 0.39m
N face height 0.24 - 0.265m
N face width at bottom 0.36m
N face width at top 0.415m
S face height 0.24m
S face width at bottom 0.41m
S face width at top 0.42m
Thickness of rim 0.05 - 0.065m
W face height 0.24m
W face width 0.36m


RCAHMW described the motif on the N face as an "expanded-arm cross on short shaft".  The shaft however would be horizontal, and two oblique lines are left unaccounted for.


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  • RCAHMW, An Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in Anglesey. London (HMSO) 1960, 41, pl 59.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
SH 366 728 
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Anglesey
now: Isle of Anglesey
medieval: Bangor
now: Bangor
now: St Mary
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Redundant parish church, formerly chapel of ease  
Report authors
Katherine Watson 
Visit Date
20 August 1991