Font, base, from SE.

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Hartland.

by Hazel Gardiner.

Located at the W end of the nave, in front of the tower. The elaborately decorated square font is supported on a thick cylindrical stem, with a flattened base and square plinth below.

The plinth has upward-facing heads carved into the angles.  All look rather miserable and the NW head has a pronounced down-turn to his mouth.

The base, which is integral to the plinth, is carved with intersecting, semi-circular flat bands with three pellets in each of the interstices.  This is followed by a torus carved with nested chevron, of the profile: roll; roll.

The stem, in two sections, is carved with zigzag, followed above by a roll with nested chevron above, of the same profile as the torus, but going in the opposite direction. 

The large square font takes the form of a multi-scallop capital.  The shields on E and N faces are plain, but those on S and W are carved with a symmetrical double-scrolled ornament.   At the angles of the bowl on the underside are heads, looking down at those on the plinth. All of these heads are bearded with double-incised eyes. Volute-like forms replace the shields at the angles.

Each face of the bowl has intersecting arches comprising a row of nailhead between two small rolls. On S and W faces above this is a second band of intersecting arches.  That on the W face has pellets in the lower interstices. Above this the face is stepped about 0.06 m below the top.  

Lead lined.  Cream colour limestone. The rim is obscured by the lead lining but repairs to E and W rims are visible. 


d. of bowl 0.22 m
h of bowl 0. 29 m
h. of plinth 0.27 m
Total h. 0.92 m
w. 0.65 m x 0.67 m