Chancel arch, S side, inner capital from NW.

Image of the feature "Chancel arch/Apse arches: Chancel arch" at Haddon.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, two orders to W, one to E.

1st order (shared). On half-columns with roll/hollow bases. On the N is a block capital with broad stems of interlacing reeded foliage rising from a plain roll necking. The S capital is similar but the stems have reeded borders only. Both capitals have major losses; on the N, the SW angle and a slot cut from the centre of the main face; on the S, most of the E part is missing. Imposts are chamfered with a reed on the face. In the arch is a fat soffit roll.

2nd order (W face only). En-delit nook shafts with bases, imposts and neckings as in the 1st order. The N capital is a double-scallop with chip-carved stars in the shields. The S is a completely plain cushion. Running up each jambs, outside the nook-shaft, is a row of chip-carved saltires. In the arch is a heavy nook roll. The label is chamfered with saltires in squares chip-carved on face and chamfer. Outside the label is a hollow.