Reset opening, L jambs.

Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 4. Other: Blind opening (reconstruction)" at Glendalough, Priest's House.

photographer not known.

A narrow, round-headed light is set within a complex opening in the exterior E wall.

The bases of the opening are decorated with foliate motifs, broader in conception on the N side than on the S. The jambs have an angle roll with a recessed central row of beading; fillets flank the roll. The lowest stone on the S side lacks beading.

The S capital is an undecorated block. On the N side a thin horizontal strip, 0.07 m high, survives from the bottom of the original capital. It includes the chin and moustache of a human head, set on the angle, with strap-like interlace on each side. On the E face there are traces of curled hair. The upper section of the capital is modern. A chamfered impost lies above.

The arch has seven voussoirs on the S, and six on the N. It is decorated with a single row of point-to-point chevron (formed by a fillet rather than a roll), meeting on a keeled angle roll. There are triangular compartments on the face and soffit which are filled with foliage (two or three simple leaves). On the S side the fifth stone from the bottom extends L into a more ornate pattern. The stones differ in width: some have one chevron per stone, others two, and one has three. The soffits have diagonal tooling.

The label has alternating thick and thin rows of directional chevron, pointing both up and down, depending on the location of the stone. 

Both the jambs and the arch have a diagonal splay, indicating that the stones came from the rear arch of a window.


maximum width of opening 2.16 m