S doorway, tympanum

Image of the feature "Doorways: S doorway" at Glendalough, Priest's House.

by Roger Stalley.

The doorway has plain jambs which support a partially broken lintel, carved in shallow relief. The lintel is only 0.07m greater than the inner width of the door. The stone appears to have had a curved upper surface, but the top L section was broken away before it was set in its current position.

The carving depicts a seated figure in the centre, set frontally, holding an open book. The head is missing. A figure in profile approaches from the R, holding a bell. Another figure in profile is depicted on the L, holding a crosier or staff. The upper L section of this figure is lost. The exact interpretation of the panel remains unclear.


depth of lintel 0.23 m
height of lintel 0.23 m
width of lintel 0.62 m