Font, from NE.

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at New Shoreham (now Shoreham-by-Sea).

by Kathryn Morrison.

The font is located under the crossing, and has no lid. It is of Purbeck marble (ie: smaller snails than Sussex marble), with low, broad proportions. The basin is unlined, and the spandrels of the upper surface are carved with stylised, radial foliage motifs. The NW spandrel is particularly worn, and the rim is damaged in the centre of the N side. The E face is carved with eight columns with spiral, or barley-twist decoration, standing on low plinths and carrying stylised foliage capitals. The S face is divided into triangular fields, each of which contains a motif resembling a distorted Maltese Cross with a central pellet. The W face is carved with two lunettes, each filled with three fan-shaped forms. There are pointed leaves in the spandrels, and again spiral columns on the angles. The N face has a chain of circles, each containing a Maltese Cross. The spandrels are filled with truncated triangles. This bowl is carried on five columns: a fat central shaft to contain the drain, and four slender angle shafts, all of which appear to have been renewed in Sussex (rather than Purbeck) marble. The angle columns have fluted and lobed capitals, while the central shaft is topped by a fat roll. The bases have simple, rounded profiles, and stand on a modern, rectangular plinth.


diam. of interior 0.69 m
h. (excl. plinth) 0.80 m
h. (incl. plinth) 0.96 m
h. of bowl 0.205 m
l. of E and W faces at top 0.85 m
l. of S and N faces at top 0.855 m