Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 2. Windows: Window in N chancel wall" at Inchbofin, St Rioch.

by Roger Stalley.

The N wall of the chancel contains a Romanesque window with a highly decorated rear arch, with a span of 1.0m. Most of the outer section of the window has fallen away, though in 1917 Crawford calculated its height as 2 feet 8 inches. Three rows of lateral chevron, on both the face and the soffit, forming 'cogwheel' chevron; continuous lines of beading frame the chevron on both face and soffit. The chevron starts on the second stone of each jamb and runs without interruption around the arch. The triangles formed by the chevron contain fret motifs. The arch is composed of eight stones on unequal size: five stones contain one chevron, two contain one and a half chevrons, and one (the springer on the W side) contains two chevrons. This was all carefully pre-planned, and it means that both centrifugal and centripetal chevrons are included in the arrangement. Diagonal tooling is visible on the soffit of the arch.