Chancel, N wall, re-set carving.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Re-set fragment, sometimes said to show St Andrew." at Darrington.

by John McElheran.

This irregular fragment is now set in the N wall of the chancel outside the altar rail. It came from a garden wall at Cridling Park, see Holmes 1891, with illustration. The cross is unusual in that it has two horizontal beams, all of which have parallel sides and end in trapezoidal blocks, like some altar crosses. The six roundels, especially that at the top R, just retain four-fold petals folded over a central hollow, 'ball-flower', a Transitional or rather Gothic form. These are suggested in the engraving in Holmes, and one at least is affirmed in his text; they could still be detected on site. See Comments.




max. h. 0.44 m
max. w. at bottom 0.27 m
max. w. at top 0.33 m