Interior, tower arch, N respond, seen from SE.

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: Tower arch to nave" at Darrington.

by John McElheran.

The tower is flanked by the aisles, and there are arches on the N, S and E sides. On the N side, a modest plain round-headed arch now leads into the vestry, which is part of the N aisle. On the S side, the arch is pointed and of two chamfered orders. The doorway and window in the W wall are of a later date. 

The E arch, leading into the nave, is tall and round-headed, with heavy, squat and widely-splayed scallop capitals. As Ryder says, much is restoration, but the basic form of the sculpture may have been preserved. The two half columns on wide pilasters have simple bases, with a softly moulded sloping form that recallis Brayton and other related works. The square imposts are also plain, decorated only with a hollow chamfered angle and, above that, a quirk. Both double capitals have been restored in small sections. They have five shields to the front and two on each side, above plain ring neckings. The cones curve slightly without being full trumpets.


imposts above paving approx. 4.25 m
w. of opening to nave 1.84 m