Nave, N side, window, head.

Image of the feature "Windows: Various windows" at Fangfoss.

by John McElheran.

All windows are round-headed: some in the nave have the old one-piece window-head, some are remakes. When Chantrell has made a pair of windows, often one of the pair of windowheads is an old one. The dentation pattern on the windowheads is very comparable to that used at Adel on windowheads

Two or more windows on the S wall of the nave have a narrow chamfer at the window. The pattern begins almost its own width from the chamfer, there are about 15 repeats. The outer half of the pattern is flush with the general surface of the window head, but the inner triangles are recessed, flush at the inner side and deepest towards their outer point. The pattern on the window heads at Adel goes to the angle of the block – there is no chamfer, but there is an inner plain order at the window at Adel which is lacking at Fangfoss.

The windows on the chancel do not look so authentic, but we have nothing to compare them with locally.