S doorway, beakheads 9-12, patterns 11-14

Image of the feature "Doorways: S doorway to nave" at Fangfoss.

by John McElheran.

A round-headed doorway of one modern order, three normal orders and a label.

The doorway stands on two courses of a plain plinth; then a square plain plinth with rounded bases, in remarkably good condition. The three orders have detached columns and scallop capitals with an unusually deep upright (abacus). The three orders and the label in the arch are almost entirely of old voussoirs; the five lower right voussoirs of the first order are renewed. The three principal orders share the profile of a heavy angle roll, with the approximately triangular motif on the face bridging the recess. The first order at the door itself is modern, additional to any authentic work.

In the arch, all three original orders comprise the section of a plain outer band on the face, and an angle roll of about half the width of the voussoir. Between these is a sloping plane, over which the motif bridges: pointed arches in order 2, beakheads on order 3 and platforms with a variety of abstract patterns in order 4.

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2nd order, L capital, height including necking 0.23 m
2nd order, L capital, max. width S face 0.21 m
Height of opening to top of impost 1.90 m
Total height of opening 2.575 m (approx.)
Width of opening 1.35 m