Corbel CS 1.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels" at Fangfoss.

by Rita Wood.

It is difficult to identify any original length of the arched corble table in situ, unless it is the fragment squeezed in on the N wall of the chancel, so it is likely all to be due to the restoration by Chantrell. The corbel table has a series of arches separated by a straight horizontal passage; there is a small roll moulding on the angle. A corbel fits on alternate straight edges, these are wider than the intermediate edges.

The old corbels do not always fit correctly under the table, being sometimes too wide, and sometimes to narrow, or set forward or backward. There are also some trimmed corbels: the beakhead, when it is used on a corbel, always has the roll-moulding as on an arch, but here they have no roll; NS6 also looks as if a roll has been trimmed away.

See VI, Loose Sculpture for a fragment of original corbel table found in the grounds of Fangfoss Hall in October 2003. Not seen in 2015.

Some corbels are no longer recognisable, since the Victorian restoration, and corbel N4 has been replaced recently (2015).

Corbels are numbered from L to R on nave, and on chancel, N and S walls.