Heap of stones E of the church at the Hall fence, 2015.

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Inside and outside church" at Fangfoss.

by Rita Wood.

There are a small number of voussoirs from Fangfoss now on loan to the Hull and East Riding Museum, and they were photographed there (see report for the Museum). They had been taken from Fangfoss churchyard (with permission) by Kit Galbraith probably in the 1980s, and returned from Birkbeck to the Museum after her death. At her visit, there was apparently still plenty to choose from. The Birkbeck stones included voussoirs like those on the doorway in orders three and four (beakheads and platforms). 

Historically, it is recorded that 'a large number of carved stones, including many with beaks and grotesque masks (which certainly ought to have been used in the rebuilding), are to be seen in the grounds of Fangfoss Hall, also what is probably a holy water stoup; these are carefully and jealously preserved from desecration by Thomas Eadon, Esq., the owner of the Hall'; from that description we may suppose that Mr Eadon's collection included a large proportion of corbels. Walking round the grounds of the Hall in 2003, nothing with beaks or animal masks was found, although one or two relevant architectural pieces were found close to or in the churchyard, and photographed.


Block, carved face, height 0.17 m
Block, carved face, width 0.28 m
Block with arches, max. dimensions 0.44 m x 0.44 m
Block, w. of cavity of the little arch 0.1 m
Chevron voussoir, height as placed in 2015 0.25 m
Chevron voussoir, height as seen in 2003 0.255 m
Chevron voussoir, max. width as seen in 2003 0.42 m
Chevron voussoir, star face, tapers from 0.19 m at widest, to 0.17 m about two-thirds of length.
Larger pillar, diameter 0.3 1m
Larger pillar, height 0.153 m
Smaller pillar, diameter 0.18 m
Smaller pillar, height 0.175 m