Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at Bainton.

by John McElheran.

This is a fine cylindrical font standing in a good open space in full view near the W end of the church. It is set on an octagonal plinth, above which is a circular base with projecting moulding. A band of mortar or cement conceals the actual base of the original font, which no doubt was irregular from being levered up and moved around (compare Kirkburn font where the uneveness is not cloaked). The font has a trellis pattern of double lines forming diamonds. The pattern moves regularly round the font, having three and a half diamonds in each vertical repeat, either with a full diamond at the top or at the bottom. The technique of marking out this pattern did not allow for the eventual meeting of the repeats, and this not only produced large diamonds, but irregular ones at the bottomThe rim of the font has a double cable pattern. 


Depth of bowl interior 0.485m
External diameter of bowl 0.81m
Height of font including lead 0.7m
Height of font (to octagonal plinth) 0.89m
Internal diameter of bowl 0.58m