Exterior, S aisle, E wall, re-set corbel.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Reset corbel at E end of S aisle" at Bainton.

by John McElheran.

This piece is described as a capital in both Petch 1985 and in Pevsner and Neave 1995, 269-70, but is a corbel. On the bell are incised eyes, and what might be taken to be the ring of a capital is better understood as the strap of a muzzle binding the animal's jaws. The centre strap of the muzzle passing up into the semicircular shield, the animal's forehead, is a hollow, which is unusual, and perhaps misunderstood by the workman. In the curved panel there are three ridges parallel to the curve and a leaf motif above them branching off the centre line to either side. The animal's eyes and ears can still all be seen. 

The sides of the piece have been cloaked by mortar, and the downward face is probably filled with mortar; presumably it was found in the upper wall fabric during some restoration work, and reset as a curiosity.