Reset dragon capital from NE

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Capital reset in Holy Spirit Chapel" at Peterborough Cathedral.

by Ron Baxter.

The Holy Sprit Chapel is at the W end og the nave on the S side, and this capital has been reset high in the S wall at the W end. Of the 3 visible faces it is carved on the N and E only; the W being uncarved and the S concealed within the wall. On the N face is a human-headed dragon shown in R profile but facing forward.  Its head has cat's ears but is otherwise human with large bulging teardrop-shaped eyes and a moustache. The body is smooth with one wing shown, having three long flight feathers and a worn foot under the bottom of the wing. The tail tapers and is completed on the E face of the capital in a complex interlacing knot. The necking was plain but is now mostly lost.


Height of capital 0.20m
Max. projection of capital from wall 0.18m
Width of capital at top 0.22m