S transept, E side, corbels 7, 8. Photo: Derek Parker.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Transept " at Devizes.

by Allan Brodie.

East wall of South Transept

One corbel and a short section of the simple chevron decoration above survive on the exterior of the south transept. The rest of the corbels are now inside due to the addition of a large chapel in the south-east corner of the church in the 15th century.

1        Northernmost corbel - A bundle of sticks with rope holding them together.

2        Animal head with pointed ears, almond eyes and a large mouth with teeth.

3        Moulded.

4        Animal head, pointed ears, almond eyes, large mouth with teeth.

5        Two heads, bulbous eyes, large mouths, northern one has open mouth.

6        A bundle of sticks with rope holding them together.

7        Crude, wide head with striations on the face and a large mouth with teeth.

8        Moulded.

9        Southernmost corbel on exterior of building. This head has huge, bulbous eyes and a mouth full of teeth.

West Wall of South Transept

There would have originally been more corbels on this wall, but with the reconstruction of the nave and its widening in the 15th century, the rest of the corbel table was removed.

1        Northern corbel – A bundle of sticks with a piece of rope around it.

2        Southern corbel – An animal’s head with large mouth with teeth, a square nose, narrow eyes and the whole head is covered with shallow, narrow grooves.