Exterior, choir, N wall, corbels 1,2. Photo: Derek Parker.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Choir" at Devizes.

by Allan Brodie.

East Wall of Choir

On this wall there is an eroded head which is set in the block that is a continuation of the top, chevron-decorated course of the corbel table on the north wall of the choir.

South Wall of Choir

1        Easternmost Corbel - plain

2        A bundle of sticks with a rope holding them together.

3        Moulded

4        Crude head with sticking up ears, and vertical eyes.

5        Head with a large mouth, floppy lower lip and bulbous eyes.

6        Two heads; the eastern one an animal head with pointed ears and oval eyes; the western head turns to the side with wide mouth and oval eyes.

7        Crude, round faced smiling face with spherical eyes.

8        A damaged corbel with the outline of an animal’s head

9        Smiling head with wide mouth and almond-shaped eyes.

10      Two heads; the eastern one is an animal like a monkey and the western a more human face but very crude.

11      A lion pointing westwards, with its back facing the viewer. The tail curves up over the body.

12      A bundle of sticks with a rope holding them together.

13      Westernmost corbel – A crude cat’s head with wide mouth and oval eyes.

North Wall of Choir

The eastern six corbels are visible on the exterior of the church and the western six inside. Along the top of the corbel table there is a simple chevron pattern.

1        Easternmost corbel – a wide head with large eyes and hands held up to the edges of the mouth.

2        Two seated or squatting figures with arms and legs.

3        These two crude heads have large oval eyes and rather lumpy faces.

4        A pair of heads, the left one with pointed ears. Both have oval, bulbous eyes. Some form of strange foliage or cloth runs along the bottom of the two heads.

5        Head with pointed ears, oval, bulbous eyes, wide mouth with hands held up to it.

6        Westernmost corbel on exterior– head with huge, bulbous eyes and mouth surrounded by teeth. Inside the mouth there are two figures. Is this a depiction of the mouth of hell?

7        A sad face with droopy eyes being pulled down by the figure’s hands.

8        An odd shape, apparently a circular disc with beading on a square stand!

9        This corbel is crude and damaged. It is decorated with two small heads, the left one more human, the right following the standard animal form.

10      This corbel is partially hidden by the 15th century roof corbel. It is decorated with an animal’s head, with pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, a wide mouth with teeth and a moustache.

11      Head with a scared expression, round eyes, large mouth with sticking out tongue, arms beside head with hands on forehead.

12      Damaged head with large eyes, long twisted moustache and small hands beneath the head.