Corbel 2.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels, now enclosed by N aisle" at Halsham.

by John McElheran.

There are four at the E end of the wall, and one at the extreme W end of the same wall. From the way that corbel NN4 is awkwardly placed over the remains of the window, it seems that the corbels have been reset below their original level. Two pairs of small plain corbels at a lower level on N and S walls of the aisle refer to a flat ceiling which once covered the aisle.

NN1  Only a thin vertical section of this corbel remains. It seems to have been a slice of a roll moulding.

NN2  A man’s head: the angle is too steep to read the expression. There seems to be a moustache.

NN3  The head of an imaginary beast with the tip of its tongue showing and two pig-like nostrils; there is no muzzle. It has two pointed ears, and between them, inverted, is a man’s face. 

NN4  A human head whose hair can be seen at the sides in two curls. The mouth is gaping, showing the teeth. A feminine-looking head.

There is a gap between these corbels and one at the W end of the aisle.

NN5  A beast’s head similar in form to NN3, but the mouth seems to be shut and there is no face on the forehead.