Font from SE, detail

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at East Coker.

by Robin Downes.

The font is in the W part of the nave, N of pier 2 of the S arcade, in the NE angle of SW part of church, forward of the pews. It is entirely of hamstone or similar, but only the bowl is medieval.  As is so often the case, the older, original, bowl looks whiter than all the other renewed parts. The bowl is cylindrical with a slightly concave conical lower section forming the transition between bowl and stem.  Just above the lower edge of the cylindrical section, the bowl is encircled by a band of cable. The rim is chamfered at both edges. It is damaged at the W and there is a metal fragment opposite at the E, so these are probably evidence for a previous lock-fitting. The inner walls of the bowl taper slightly into a flattish bottom. The usual vertical tooling is visible on these sides, since there is no lead-lining. Tooling on the outside is also as usual: horizontal or diagonal. There may be a vestige of vertical moulding of the bowl surface: in some lights, very shallow incisions may be imagined.

The bowl is carried on a modern almost cylindrical shaft with an upper roll necking. This stands on an attic base with pronounced steps between the constituent parts, and the base is on a cylindrical chamfered drum. The step is too shallow to merit the name. Unusually its W side abuts the pews; its E edge is curved.



Depth of bowl 0.26m
External diameter of bowl 0.69m
Height of bowl 0.42m
Internal diameter of bowl 0.54m
Overall height 1.00m
Circumference of base (at scotia) 2.15m
Circumference of bowl 2.16m
Circumference of stem 1.54m