Chancel, corbels CN1 to CN5

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels on N wall of chancel" at Garton-on-the-Wolds.

by Rita Wood.

N wall of chancel

Bay 1

CN 1:  A mask with big eyes, open mouth, and tongue hanging out.

CN 2:  Restoration.

CN 3:  Probably original: a human head.

CN 4:  Restoration.

CN 5:  Original: a mask.

Bay 2 

Bay 2 is interrupted by the roof of the vestry. (Corbels on the vestry are 19th century inventions, Pearson did much the same thing at Kirkburn.)

CN6: Two human heads looking out. See NS8.

CN7:  Restoration.

CN8:  Original: a man’s head.

CN9:  A mask restrained by small hands from the side holding the lower jaw.

(gable of vestry roof here)

CN10:  A grinning or leering beast.

CN11:  An animal with flat face and perhaps two hands. Or is it a small animal sideways? As at Drax and Selby?

CN12:  A mask with a lot of teeth.

CN13:  Perhaps a human face, turned sideways and looking upwards.