Corbels NS17 to NS19

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels on S wall of nave" at Garton-on-the-Wolds.

by Rita Wood.

S wall of nave 

Bay 1

NS1:  Mask.

NS2:  A disc on edge.

NS3:  A mask with a toothy grin.

NS4:  A mask restrained by little hands.

NS5:  Another disc on edge.

NS6:  A mask.

NS7:  A bearded man with perhaps his hands on his hips.

Bay 2

NS8:  A variation on two heads watching.  These are on the angles of the corbel; the one on the L has his tongue hanging out a little, the R head is lost.  On the downward face is the top half of a small man, as if looking out of a window. On the W face, an animal faces L but turns its upper body and forepaws outwards to the man’s face on the angle. This animal resembles the animal on the E face of NN10. A triangular shape is at the top to the R of the animal’s head. The E face of the corbel has flaked off, unfortunately.

NS9:  A mask

NS10:  The block is shallowly cut with a number of motifs. On the main face, an armed man faces R; he seems to have a sword and shield but the remains are worn. On the W face, a man (or a standing animal) faces an animal with a long tail; this animal is twisted round to face N. The downward face of the corbel has a row of four arches in the bottom half and perhaps a larger arch above enclosing them. On the E face, an animal confronts the armed man on the main face. This animal has its mouth open (as on corbels NN10 and NS8); it has a tufted tail.

NS11:  An animal mask, with two hands coming from behind (on the under surface) and holding its mouth closed. Compare CN9; contrast CS12.

NS12:  A man’s face looking up and grimacing? To the R and below, the ashlar seems to contain a re-used mass-dial.

NS13: A horse-like mask with open mouth.

Bay 3              

NS14:  Restoration.

NS15:  Disc on edge.

NS16:  Not possible to read

NS17:  Mask

NS18:  Mask with some detail round the mouth broken and not legible

NS19:  Disc on edge

NS20:  At the E end of nave, beyond the pilaster, is a mask perhaps with a face showing in its mouth.